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    At this current level, Vuong Han does not believe that reborn talented runes can rely on his own power to restore his soul. He now has an extremely thorough understanding of runes. badge is a kind of method is a key, if different doors can be opened, then different doors, that is, behind the small ball of breath, there will be different things, different things Each other can have different manifestations under the urging of soul force. This is the meaning of the badge. It is a shortcut after understanding the method. When using it, you only need to link the soul power with the badge to directly activate it. The only difficulty lies in how to control it or find something to control it. This is the most difficult part of the badge. After all, the more the small ball of breath is cherished, the more complex the structure of the items inside it is and the more difficult it is to control and understand... So in this kind of situation, he uses his soul to open and reincarnate. From the door of natural talent, a lot of additional soul power is then obtained from within the door. So where does this soul power come from? If you can find the source of soul power, then everything will be easy, just change the logic of the regeneration talent's operation a little, so that it not only restores soul power to the soul of yourself, but also create souls elsewhere. Is it just a soul trap that I want to create in my mind? In this way, it is also possible to ensure that the soul power is in an extremely weak state, so the second step can be considered a serious step.

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    Cetafe seemed to understand, but Vuong Han could not help but have doubts. Taking advantage of Cetafe's vigilance, he placed a hand on Cetafe's forehead. As the amount of soul power temporarily increased, Vuong Han said to Cetafe: "I will give it to you." shortened But intense soul support, try it and you'll know what I'm talking about."

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    Thinking of this, Vuong Han was naturally no longer a pure person. Recalling what he had done, he seemed to no longer be himself.

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    Under Feng Shuyi's observation, Wang Xiaowan was wearing cool clothes and sitting on the edge of the building. Below her feet was a thousand-meter void. Below her were all kinds of waves, including waves freak out. . Feng Shuyi noticed that the fishing rod in Wang Tieu Wan's hand was rusty, yet she was still such a clean person, but the fishing rod was already rusted, the fishing line had long been broken, and as soon as she looked, she saw Vuong Tieu Uyen. like an old man fishing alone in a cold river, with a fragile bamboo rod and no fishing line, he really wanted to catch those giant monsters in the ocean... He glanced Looking under my feet, these things could truly be described as giant monsters. Schools of fish hundreds of meters long swim darkly under the sea surface, there are other schools of fish emitting sound waves, just looking at them makes your limbs weak.

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    Did I provoke him? The woman secretly glanced at Vuong Han. After seeing the hatred in his eyes, she quickly pulled the man past. The man also looked at him unconvinced. He glanced at Vuong Han, but after seeing Diem With terrifying spiritual energy, he timidly followed the woman, quickly disappearing in front of Vuong Han, like a mouse meeting a cat, I don't know how much fear appeared, this was directly crushing the soul, But To tell the truth, Vuong Han doesn't want to cause trouble right now. If it weren't for his current strength, just one soul trap would be thrown, and the entire planet would disappear from his sight in the blink of an eye, but This is not necessary, he needs to know in detail what happened that year, but this time seeing the two Rojas made him very disappointed. What about Roja's seemingly powerful existence? Why is everyone's level so poor? These two people don't even have their badges condensed. Why is Roja running around without both badges? Really a lot of time?

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    This question is about the light curtain, which is the starship database. It's okay if you don't understand the language. The Shengdu formation is in the Beixin area of the Alliance. The Shengdu formation has a long history of formation. It has very beautiful planetary vegetation. It loves peace. There are more than 100 planets. I hope you can find beautiful scenery in this place.”

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    As a result, when Vuong Han started examining these metal blocks, he discovered something strange.

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    You don't have this chance. Vuong Han smiled and said, "I still have a chance."

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    So much so that now he feels that badges are not as simple as before. In fact, each badge should be understood clearly, otherwise just knowing how to use the badge would be enough. won't be very good.high!

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    After Feng Shuyi finished speaking, it was as if nothing had happened. She calmly brought Feng Tian and Ye Lin onto the spaceship. Her thoughts were relatively simple, she had left this place 300,000 years ago, she needed know what happened in this for a long time, so looking for Nuo Qianjin and others is the first thing to do now, and Qian Qian and others are all found, she is no longer alone more, and she could even try to ask about the location of her husband, Vuong Han... After thirty thousand years of disappearance, no matter how strong a woman is, she will still have such strong feelings in her heart, worried wait... But no matter what, she must see if Phuong Thien has the ability to recognize herself before doing what she wants to do, and only then can she search for Vuong Han's footprints, otherwise if Feng Tian, who now knows nothing, leaves He walks beside him, and then takes with him a Ye Lin who doesn't know any better, I'm afraid these two people don't know in this star sea How much trouble will it cause? It is even more likely that in just a year or two of being together, when Tinh Hai's law is triggered, he will be beheaded directly!

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    Vuong Han honestly spoke his mind. As for whether they can understand it or not now, it doesn't matter. The key is to let them know that this place was not easy to stay in from the beginning.

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    Okay. When Vuong Han and Keles talked, they had already walked a long way, but looking at the densely packed starships behind them, Vuong Han even felt like he was still hovering at the entrance, too spacious, this place was completely built with the meteorite bricks, the sheer flatness and the transparent protective cover all make this part of Lutford Star Harbor look deep and vast. Of course, if you really come here to buy things, then this place also has a paid light carpet that can be used. Vuong Han and Keles just need to randomly call up the Lutford Starport program interface, after entering the location. target, the white road on the ground It will directly copy a section, then fly close to the ground at super high speed, the flying carpet with super intelligence can quickly take Vuong Han and Keles to their destination Okay. It's okay if Vuong Han is really in a hurry, but he has been in this Star Sea for twelve thousand years, and has gradually adapted to this extremely slow life, he doesn't need to try anymore. at some point Don't worry that someone at Lutford Starport will stand up and slap you and fight you.

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    “Sir, why do you ask?” Keles asked Vuong Han curiously. After all, it seemed like not many people would ask such a question. And after briefly explaining some of the previous things, she also understood what Wang Han meant, "Sir, if you have such a dream and imagine yourself as a world devourer, then all the this is very easy." For all the individuals on our team, talent and soul are the strongest things. Breath is a consumable in many cases. It is a means to help us strengthen the power of our soul and help us become familiar with our talents. Therefore, the stronger the resonance between the spiritual energy and the soul sword, the stronger the soul's ability, the more spiritual energy he can control to use, adding the spiritual energy to his talent, he can do it. so nosy."

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    "It lived, and lived again, and its scattered bodies gathered into the same terrifying form as then. It...came to claim its life."

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    Okay! So you go there, leave this matter to me. Anyway, these kids are okay to fight, but I will tell you a list of some kids who have performed well. You can go back and have a look. Having finished speaking, he watched the big man stand up, disappearing in the blink of an eye, seeing him leave, he returned to his place, sitting there with his arms crossed, a look of deep doubt on his face, "Just now... why is that?" How did this happen? Our Van Co Lake is very calm right now, it seems there is nothing Penglai will do, Penglai also doesn't dare to come to the main village of our Van Co Vong to cause such trouble, right? Their overall fighting power is equal to ours, will there be no existence that can completely overwhelm our fighting power? So... in the end, what could make this Ross come to find Qianqian?"

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    Okay, okay, I understand! However, after Isabelle casually said a few words here, she did not take this matter seriously at all, as long as she had already arranged a lot in her mind. Well, first of all, after she left the planet, she had a lot of planets to visit, a lot of planets to check in, take pictures of and all, and then some planets with really, really good food, even if it was bad. How bad is it? home of Lutford Starport. Lutford Starport has many special local food planets in Starport. Although sometimes there is no way to get to this type of planet, it's a pity, but being able to get a comparison is also very good. . It's good to enjoy this type of food in a relatively centralized place! Finally and finally... really wait until a thousand, two thousand five thousand years of playing is a bit tired before going to find this man named Vuong Han, then play and search, and finally leave the Planet once, how can I not let myself be too unfair?

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    Looking at the appearance of this huge man, she really couldn't help but shake her head. These Vuong Han's pets were all so domineering, they simply couldn't see through the depths.

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    So what kind of relationship did such a woman have with her father before, Feng Tian and Ye Lin certainly couldn't understand.

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    He immediately began to follow the previous steps of weakening his soul. This time he had a preliminary plan, that is, when his soul weakened to the point of death, he could directly emit his own breath. This ball of light is impossible for him. believes he cannot survive without this ball of light breath? He firmly believes that his soul will not lose its breath and continue to complete his sketch. This whole process is like taking pearls from the mouth of a river, so it must not be true. is a big problem! And with such a bold way, it has been 400,000 years since he left, and today he once again revealed the ball of soul light hidden in his soul, he does not feel wrong , this light ball's aura is still in his soul like a parasite. He normally can't feel it at all, but if he wants to let a foreign object parasitize his soul, he absolutely This type of behavior will not be allowed to arise.

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    So Vuong Han is definitely like that now. In theory, he shouldn't be so excited. He should look at the Tien Do great formation moving forward, just develop some chaotic things on his own. , after understanding the future of devouring talent, slowly followed. the path that others have found.

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    So it is very important to find out if there is only one Wang Han, or there are other Rojas! Otherwise, if there is a vicious Roja hiding in the corner of the world secretly watching, once Vuong Han takes the initiative to act as bait, Vuong Han is killed, then the remaining Roja will definitely lie motionless. quite a long period of time. Once it reappears, it will definitely bring Roja's best person to the end of the world. After all, Roja's person likes to do harmful things to Tinh Hai.